Sam Varendorff
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Sam Varendorff is a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

Since 2008, Sam Varendorff has increased the quality of his experience and imagery throughout many different genres. the roots of his passion for the art lay in his travel, providing the opportunity to document those experiences in a different way. Balancing the wider picture which the attention to the single elements that make up his chosen destination.

It is that focus on capturing the single elements and moments in time that can not be repeated that is ever present in is Wedding Photography. Those expressions on faces, scenes with loved ones and smallest elements of the day that can trigger the memory, sending people straight by to that very special day.

Sam also applies his art to the world of look book and editorial Fashion, combining the fashion with the lifestyle it lends to, providing a more natural feel to the final product.

Rarely without some type of equipment in hand, Sam continues to capture the moments around him day to day and has a passion for Street Photography.

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